Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (2024)

Game creation platform Roblox has gotten so big that even in-game experiences have their own communities, guides and metas. One of these is Welcome to Bloxburg, a Sims-like experience that has had an astonishing six billion visits and is easily the most popular of the paid access games on Roblox.

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As the game revolves around the daily life of a household near Bloxburg, it's no surprise that the house itself has become a key part of the experience with its own subset of design styles and discussion. The modern house, while minimal with muted colours, still has an incredible amount of options available. We've brought together some ideas.

10 Cheap Modern House

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (1)

Even without a game pass, it's possible to build a rather trendy modern house on the cheap. You'll be limited to a single-storey house at 10,000 with no basem*nt, but this works with the minimal aesthetic of the modern home. There'll still be plenty of room to fit in all the main rooms and even some stylish decorations.

The 10,000 build, no game pass challenge has brought out some great imagination amongst the community — see Ethrielle and iSkY's houses for some inspiration for making a sleek but cheap bungalow.

9 Luxury Modern House

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (2)

If you do have game passes and a high budget, the only limit is your imagination. Add multiple bedrooms, an office, a hot tub, and a room dedicated to just about anything you like. Just make sure you stick to the modern aesthetic if that's the style you want — which means clean lines, geometric shapes, minimal decorations, and usually muted colours.

There are all sorts of extravagant builds out there, but several implement the modern style quite well — frenchrxses has a particularly popular creation if you're a fan of light pink.

8 Standard Two-Storey Modern House

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (3)

In between the cheap build and the extravagant creations, we have your standard modern house. While this may not be the most exciting or imaginative of ideas, it does add a sense of realism if you're looking to immerse yourself in the simulation of Bloxburg and therefore require an average-looking house.

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What you'll be looking for here is a two-storey house with all the essentials, including a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, multiple bedrooms, and possibly some additional features such as a balcony. An Average Joe house all round!

7 Modern Family Home

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (4)

A modern family home will be similar to your standard modern house in many ways, but with a bit of suburban aesthetic mixed in. Along with all the essentials, you'll have to make sure you have plenty of space for the little ones, as well as several more family-focused features. These include a garage, laundry room, and at least three bedrooms — one of which could double as a nursery or playroom.

While there will be more of a homely feel to this one, you can still keep the modern aesthetic with dark colours and large windows. This could be an affluent family, so feel free to add features such as a pool or hot tub.

6 Mid-Century Modern

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (5)

While based on older design styles, several mid-century builds still reflect the modern aesthetic, and thus technically still belong on this list. There'll be a few more natural building materials and angled roofs implemented here, but the sharp angles and distinct shapes will ensure that the modern look is still there.

This can apply to the yard as well — rocks and plants can also be arranged in a modern style, with rectangular flowerbeds and strict patterns.

5 Aesthetic Loft

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (6)

They don't get much more modern than this — a swanky upstairs loft converted into an entire home. While compressing an entire house into what is essentially one large room may put off some people, there's no denying it can look sleek and homely if done right — and the balance of black and white in Cxmilla's design, in particular, has the modern look down to a tee.

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So if you want a modern design with a penthouse feel, look no further than a trendy loft, which looks every inch the young professional's home that you might see on TV.

4 Hillside Modern Home

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (7)

Hillside homes may make you think of LA mansions, but just about any building could fit in there with the right design — including the modern house. You'll have to incorporate the cliff and local wildlife into your design, but a cliff edge lines up rather nicely with a dark, modern aesthetic.

Throw in some big rectangular windows with cliffside views, and you have all the makings of a modern hillside property — just be sure to avoid the edges.

3 Modern Villa

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (8)

A villa may not scream modern to you, but works surprisingly well when you mesh the two designs together. This will, of course, be costly, but combining the Mediterranean villa layout with the sharp geometric shapes of the modern house provides a sleek and slick holiday home that will make you the envy of all of Bloxburg.

You'll also have plenty of space inside for as many bedrooms, bathrooms, and other dedicated spaces as you like — and surely a pool is a necessity for any villa.

2 Modern Zen Home

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (9)

East meets West in this modern zen home, that combines the harsh lines and dark colours of a modern design with Japanese-inspired interiors designed for relaxation. It is intentionally less showy than many builds of this size — other than the helicopter pad — which makes it perfect for solitude and reflection, with a focus on plants, pillars, and pleasingly symmetrical shapes.

Once again, the contrast of black and white works especially well for a modern look, and this unique pool is perfect to float around lazily all day.

1 Modern Float House

Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (10)

For something completely different and out there, try this Float House from justkely. With five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and more all floating above your very own pond, this house will surely stand out. It certainly has a front path you definitely won't want to deviate from...

However, this house has all the modern trappings of a land-based modern house, along with black and white colours, sharp angles, and trendy contemporary furniture. Don’t forget to add large windows to enjoy the view.

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Roblox: Bloxburg Modern House Ideas (2024)
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