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the jewelry exchange to carat lab band's 1491 carat classic natural band's 1990 half carat natural for 99. unlimited choices guaranteed to appraise for double the jewelry exchange. >> direct. >> we have breaking news as stories develop across the world. a lot of fast moving action on capitol hill. get smart insight on the top headlines. we'll be covering all of it. the story with martha maccallum weekdays at three on fox news channel. america is watching a n programming note. >> don't forget the fourth and final episode of m fouy new special outlaws the lawman out now on fox nation .com. i you don't want to miss don't forget, please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever forgesevr c, ever miss an e of hannity. >> in the meantime, let notbe to your heartbeat trouble by greg gutfeld standing by to put a smilube on your face. have a great night, dad.

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oh, great. i agree. i ag pig.e happy monday, everyone. so today, jury selection began r and hunter biden's gun trial and as a welcoming gift, those c selected were given a free dimebag. o to make sure it's a jury of hiso peers. they're looking f*cking for peoo were given phony jobs in ukraine, smoked crack and a sensorn y tank had with a dead family member's wife while impregnate a stripper. so far, they found one. possible witnesses include beau biden's widow, hallie biden. hunter biden's ex-wife, kathleen, and the gun store clerk in delaware. or as hunter calls it his dream. for some, i like how there's noy picture for that guy. over the weekend, president biden was seen.over t

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with hunter in delaware. it's part of his new workout progra his nutm, not dying, not thank you. i had to work to get one out of you. i wonder if they're going to like thes ie. >> mexico has officially elause] their first ever femal . i . yeah, yeah, like you care. oh, finally, a woman. >> oh, you go, girl. shut up. her name is claudia shyne bom. >> that's right. claudia shyne bom., of theyou know of the two? >> i want to shine bars. you should try to get belted. fish tacos. >> but her first order of business t >> getting her daughter r. marry a docto

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i don't care if you don't like it. n'god, if i did, i'd be miserabe today. during his testimony i, the covid response in origins, anthony fauci said the claims of his influence on the cia lab leak analysis are a conspiracy. and it makes it makes him sound like jason bourne. but look, man, no one iswith jas confusing. >> fauci with jason bourneon . . >> one is a person that kills people with government backing p ,and the other is matt damon,[a aka over the weekend pro hamas protesters clashed with a gay pride parade. differen philadelphia. despite their differences, they botthey both united, in tho of suspicious packages. yeah.

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>> yeah. and the official facebook page a ,the u.s. navy seals wased f mocked for marking the start of pride month. but to commemorate the month com with every raid, a terroristte gets a free makeover. i don't like that one at all.lie >> right. a of donald j. s. trump continues. really? about him? talk aside from me, of course,hour. it's a shame we only have an hour. but have you noticed the reaction to theon t trump conviction? >> it's more muted than my tv during jesse'sth [lauw. >> of course, there are the usual nut cases where anything relatee, therenot cad to trump r incontinence. >> my was i was at costcote buying ten boxes of keurig coffee and my my, my watch liarted to buzz and i got so excited. >> i started leaking a little bitttle bitaughter].

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so. so joy behar wets herself an oostco and for the first time, it wasn't over. the free samples of chocolate covered large nuggete sampocolae but asidr]e, joy and some has been actors. where's all th hase noise? no one's dancing in the street, weeping or with joy. the truth is, even some on the left admit this prosecution wasn't justicewould ha. ze w >> some recognized they were going too far. even before the verdic fart. e n >> it's like when you're infi a fight with your spouse and you make a casual commenghtt her meatloaf and realize, oh, i'm in for it. and they're right. the verdict resulted in a bump ng in trump's polling and a massive $200 million bump ain donations. >> 200 hours to it. >> 200 million. that's more than i make in a

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year. >> it even crashed trump's donation site. something i haven't seen since i started that go fund me page havean brian kilmeade from i public parks run by a dog. part. if you want to hang out there. within 24 hours, trump's new tik tok account gained over million followers, crushing the biden-harris account that a five month head start. and to be fair, it is a low bar . >>, even hillary's left has more followers than biden. harris but vapid on tik tok are a voting block. biden can't afford to lose. what's next? biden starts to lose ground dementia patients. >> the fact is can tell the difference between trump and biden once facing betntence , the othercomple can't complete one. >>teaughter] so thank you. thank you. so how does trump do it? e turn how does he turn a conviction into an electoral windfall?

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enw does he turn his adversaries energy into power? i call in the power?t the eternl cliffhanger theory. >> when trump with trump, whenmp one act finishes, it sparks an equally thrillinwheng next one. >> he's like the orange harrye n potterge. >> and what creates the cliffhangers are those obsessed with takingthcliffh do. it's a perpetual motion machine. their attack it'ss help but setl the stage for what will he do next? and he does next. h then create another cause for attack. you thinnethank you him?s nah. there he is. in the next t chapter two raging applause. >> donald trump is in the building and the former president getting a standing ovation from the assembled masses. boy, the round of applause he's getting right nowo imagin is pretty staggering. and you had to imagine that's what was going to happen g to hap.

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>> what a contrast. trump gets a hero's welcome from the ufcppen.a conte >> while joe goes unnoticed at kfc, what do you notice about that ufc crowd? mal >> well, they're young, mostly male, healthy, and get this aliv ande every day in the white house. hates or lacks. that's why when democrats say,tr but trump's a convicted felon, , the rest of us in unison say so . >> meanwhile, the hollywood commode is in panic mode.mode. check out this headline frome the wrap quote, why hollywoodhi is too exhausted and scared to enjoygher trump's conviction. and that's because despite the verdict, they feel liketrum trump will still end up president anyway because his basewi endp is now beyond fd up. they realize they're lik e a guy who got a lucky punch in, and the guy they hit wasedible h the incredible. hulk's orange twin brother. and it's not jus twint hollywood who realizes this. minnesota congressman dean phillips called on

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new york governor kathy hochul to pardon trump and no andt out of kindness. phillips argues that trump's guilty verdict will onlye republican voters ahead of the election. and he sayaheaofs that knowing that there's no equally compelling way to energize vo voters aside fromum demonizing trump. and how's that working for you? trump is on fire and biden has wet brai on lives in the media.a >> also noticing that dems aren't jazzed about this fight t that they startehad. writer brian beuttler slams the weak response that the biden campaign has no plans to run te bidev ads about the verdict. can you blame them? would you ru n a tv ad about howt your plan totally backfired a d actually helhoyop the guy? >> a convicted felon just blewus past your fundraising like it was u.s. bolt versus stephen hawking. and he had a motor. >> you could see the deflation

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everywhere. meanwhile trump is everywhere.. if america is dallas, trump's, what would you have without him? the same busines what ws as usual bold programming, which does nothing but lie to you. s on this is why the response to the verdict is so tame. they are terrifiede, . anticipating trump's next move and your next move as wellticip it's yet another cliffhanger of their own making and on t the edge of their seats, keeping their heads down, mouths shu theirt and scared le. >> my prediction the next time bejar is standing in costco, it won't just be running down herl her leegg. right. welcome to tonight's guest. his books make me regret learning how to read. oh,. bre nation in kosovo looks at brad bride kill me.

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he has a beard but didn't go to the river report? dave brubeckve rubin. he performed said hospices. so patients look forward to death. comedian adam hunterand she actually believes in the right to bear arms. ivery skinny arms. "new york times" best selling author fox is here to brian, you are wrong on everything. so can you give us your opinion on trump's chances after, this verdict? >> and i'll assume the opposite to be true. okayle b. his first off, i met with his writers before and they told me they were very y told to me. >> he rewrote all their questions. so he go back the same format.ue but i'll answer your question. ufstc. first off, there's not one place in america and i mean meds that joe biden could

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get thousand people cheering for him. there's not one place is n perso that he couldrm. get hundred thousand people to stand up in 40 degree weather and nail the beach as hele t u in wildwood, new jersey. and that's got to be intimidating. you can' yout keep putting down people that show up for trump and bill moore, who sat in thip ums seat and i inmind my renting it to him, came out and said, you got to stopupport putting down putting down trump supporters. you may not like donalerd trump, but at some point they just need some smelling salts becaus somyoe 18,000 people i wt there the day before and almost foinr the weigh in because i interviewed dana white on saturday, which i'm sure you'll be watching i saturdayt a night at 9:00 on one nation. o but and everybody was asking do was about 1230 people showed up for a weigh in. e holythe whole thing, they weru saying, do you think trump's coming? do you think trump's coming? so it's not working.everyt everything they're doing is is not working. and it's gotng to frustrating. and now we have people saying over and over again, it looks likesaying joe biden's going to t >>he at the same time, no one cn say for sure if donald trump will be in prison or not. how crazf dona

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y the is the worlde we're living in. >> you know what's crazier? that a guy shows uliving ip a w. i i mean, if i go to the local high school for that, i could get a statue and the man yes in shorts. yes. grabs. so what am i doing? i don't know. so, dave's befor, how you thinkt verdict will affect the effects ,the election? >> do you think this influences the undecideds at all? be thigreg, i will answer that question, but can we just talk about joy bejar leakingg for one? >> yes, because by all means. so lment i can't go to costco anymore. so where where do people buy can paper in bulk besides costco? >> and if you would have thought everything being equal, which member of the view was leaking? i feel like everyonember of wod have said whoopee. >> yeah. okay. she does the commercials for >>to comme e and here we are. yeah. so. yeah as for your question, does it affect the election? yes, it affects the election. trump at this point, whether he is in jail, whether they've put hiey putm in, you know, the

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on the moon, whatever they try to do with him at this point , to win he is going to win and i would say win by a landslide. wo every trick out in the book. the reason why we need orange man back, because the otheed bacr this is somebod. >> right.ore th but the reason why i take you seriously and not kill me,t you know, hear me out. t on the first show, he predicted this show be number one. and i was like, yeah. and you were like, you haveture that certitude now that you did then that's freaky. >> i it waknow tt yos first epie of the gutfeld with the exclamation point show, which still doesn't quite forh me, but could be that it's happening and i didrk thatt and i'll tell you something else i predicted. i predicted it about a pr his race. raisedsmething i was backstage with him at a show that we did together, and he i wit said he thought heh going to win his reelection by two points. go win inv, you're goings by 20 points, and he won by 20 points. >> so you ar he we he's got a track record. >> you are lik r clad[laugh

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nostradamus. notice how i didn'tnotice nostradamus. i'm evolving. adam greatrdin, to see you leat. >> i know he's not where you can see it. leat, i saw him earlier. w adam, good to see you. woke up? yes thank you. what do you make of this whole thing? i haven't spoken to you spo about verdict or anything. i think if trump goes to jail, it'll be rikerto you alrs versut >> you know, it'll be versuss alzheimer's. but ai first of all, i love ufc and i love that they support him. i used to work for the ufct tha they hired me to roast fighters, which is not a very safe job. yeahsters which i, a couple of t mad. jon jones, who's the most powerful black heavyweight, lizz wo and but but he gotatio a standing ovation in new jersey, which, like that state, is more blue than prince harry's. tha >> you know, and they loved him there. and i just people got fed

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people didn't like the trial. you know, they didn't like the fact that trump had a ga gat likeg and stormy had a no gag reflex order. >> you knod stormyw, he still g still got it. and i just you know, i got, it really immature like like trump calls stormyeall face. >> and they said, are you mad? she said, no, you know. ghter] yeah. so that's what i got. so get that trump is it does ite what does it say? trump trump is so popular on tik tok in just a matterr of hoursan i. sup >> where are we supposed to be against tiktok? if you like what you say we w a lot. >> but uh, so yeah, i mean, because i think he's interesting to watch. s gon >> i think people want to know what that's going to look like. and i thin like.i think k all tf about, you know, hollywood's too exhausted and, scared.e real i think that they're really making it more complicatedly

12:17 am

about why people aren't loudly celebrating this. arlowly bnk it's quite honestl ,in order to do that, they would have to be able to explain i texplait right.pery i feel like the average person, you'd be like, okay, so what did he do? yeah okay- what did and why ands that so bad? r felo >> what is it, 30 four felonies for? nilike someone his team doing a mislabel yeah people that's sayieople are basically saying the same thing about why they don't like him as a person or his this comment or thie ts this which is noted but this, th specific thing, there is no victim they can parade around on tv to like, you know, like, oh, look at the gold. >> finally justice for who? >> wy girl label maker who's perjurer. >> right. so it's -- it's really i think it's liksoe what did he do wron? why was it so bad not anything- up but this specific. g: this >> i don't think they could this is why they keep saying likey no one's above the law. >> they can never point to the victim. they go, yeah, well, thise is proof no one's above the law. it's like, well, what happened? lat. ' above t i don't know.

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but it just hi? t me. >> it just hit me. but i can get toilet paper at target, all right? yeah. ou know, you know, he's only hereonly her because of pride. pri but next, a cuban control freak who won't admit the lab leak if he'll be in the new york area and, like tickets to see gutfeld, go to slash gutfeld and click on the link to join our studio!u . . i look back with greatople satisfaction on. my 32 years in active duty. i understand the veteran i understand the veteran mentaliting these are people who have served. they've been in leadership they've been in leadership positiond help >>no they're willing to putr their life on the line if necessary. and they come to us and theya hd i need some financial help at this point in time. at this point in time. they're not lookino do g for. at this point in time. they're not lookino do a handout. they're looking for a little hand up. my team at new day, usa, going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan. of veterans like new day, us de

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>> jesse watters saying what most won't. >> it's an electio

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12:23 am

>> business closures, leon, when 5000 people were dying a, e a day. >> yes. >> cs, same thing, school closures. again the top people that met>>a at the top, people at facebook are asking whyineople at are weg all this pressure to do to downplay the lab leak theory? downab leawhat is that got to d? i'm asking you because you're the expert coronavirus. i'm saying, why wasn't those? why wa- s the administration so pushing not to have the lab leak theory as something that was viable?i i can answer that. i've kept an open mind throughout the entire kept an on open mind, dr. fauci. open mind that do the american people to be abused like that? mr. fauci because you're not doctor, you're. mr. fauci. in my few minutes in my time, that man not deserve to have a license. as a matter of fact, it should be revoked. >> and he belongs in and out. in chief for 40. anl right, rubin, i don't know . >> i don't i don't i'm not k

12:24 am

crazy about that kind of theatrical stuff because i think this is liked atrics this is he should go to jail, right? yeah. what did you make about him basically saying he had an open mind. >> he did not have an open minld about the lab leak. >> oh, he fauci has liede about everything from the beginninlab fauci haboug, d that six feet social distancing was just kind of made up. he tolh this kd friends two mono covid that masks don't work. he claims he hado months nothine with school closures. we could go on and on. there's another part of that testimon o onthat anoy where he says tha0 blames 2 to 300000 covid deaths on podcasters for spreadingr spe misinformation about vaccines. i would like to saadgy as an unvaccinated podcaster, i want he use my words carefully here. >> anthony fauci can go himself . how is that? that's good for fox, right? that's good. that's good. well, adam, what would you like? to hear from fauci? >> i mean, i don't thinkaura:

12:25 am

he's ever apologized. and the fact of it, the six unet, the six feet apart, which became six feet under for a lot of people, they tha loe kidsthei masking separate closing schools and stores. ngte -but blm remained open and that i mean the rules were soe down like i coached wrestling i coacand the kids could do. >> and the kids could have wrestling matches, but at the end they couldn't shake handsk -s. [lm not kidding. it's like i could teabag you, but i can't text after that. and a happy pride. yeah, i like i remember my wife had covid and the doctor prol we just sleep in different rooms and i called them up and i'm like, how prolong this? ohr], but i mean, i knew something was up and people were getting rich because they kept tryingtting ri the to, it wasn't just the vaccine, it's what they were. they were giving out certain things they wereou with the vaci it mean they were giving you a fishing license. you got the vacciney

12:26 am

e in seattle,le n they were giving you marijuana in arkansas, they were giving you teeth. e >>yo now ng. so i was wondering which would b be the third thing and what insult would go with it. e thirg anright. you're a sport. yeah, i was going to nevad a. they give you a because it's legal there. people. so, kat, what did you makeg? of the hearing? i watched it in the elevator. yeah. yeahit, you were. >> you're just riding the elevator all day. yeah. so, you know, i don't thinkever that anything could ever be truly satisfying to been trie to clear. like he hasn't even tried. he still had the same smug attituded. the that he's had the entire time was like, oh, yeah, this new people are dying. it's like it's still the same attitude of, like, you don't care that people died. >> i'm the are you only one whow if people died and listen to me and it's just like t when wha he didn't really know what he was talking about. outhe time to so confidently get on tv while people's lives were crumbling and why people had, like, lovedy

12:27 am

they couldn't say goodbye to before they died. which, by the way, means you're dea befeh byd. like, how could you get on tv and be smug knowing that you'rei that you are largely, if not almost entirely responsible for this when you don't even really that you even know what you're talking about? i don't know what can be wrongwh with a person to allow that and also that the hearings always ay it's like it's always about the theatrics, too. there's a lot of theatrics the a it's likeianst there's some real issues here and it's like a theatrical off the time. >> but i just so i'm notbut overcovered, i'm not over the fact that they made places illegal and i had it good. i ha id d a job i have no kids h i had i had a good nobodybody that i nobody i know died and i'm just still like how were they able to do that? r and we just haven't moved. like, we're just like, okay, well now we can go to restaurants. let'e n was juss all move on ad they're ready to move on. >> you know, we don't evene on m have movies about it being made the way we made made moviewas

12:28 am

about the china syndrome, nuclear power or or any kind rii of disaster. and you're right. it's like i mean, if when you thin u thk about what's happening, what happened to you psychologically walking by peoplven'you psyce and, oh, o close, the fights that broke out, the people, relatives died from other diseases during this time, it's insane. mask >> brian, you were wearinge a mask well before the pandemipc and that was because that was because of your halitosis issues. and andou weri you were a hero. but do you feel that you were lied to by fauci personally? lift up your facts wrong. hael i did a tribute to michael jackson. and when he was -- he wearing aw walking through the mall at two, two in the morning with his two children, i saieo d that's a good parent and i want to mimic that. >> but show you my life is i watched rich mccormick, the congressman who's a doctor today. he was he was enraged. he makes was feel sound, calm.d he was pulsating. cag outdthe veins poppin of his head because he was marginalized and he was ridiculed because he said everything.

12:29 am

the facts reale boou say is wrong. and he pointed to a a book on tape without his own voices l saying how they wanted to gete big corporations like amazon, facebook and all the others would say, yeah, you wantse pla to work at these places, go get a vaccine. you want to go to a universityco an get a vaccine, or you lose your job and you're out of school. and he was defiant out and sayi, and it brought back all those memories where people we don't like, we that trust don't trus. >> we're actually running our lives. got it. when they were unmasked, pun intended, they never apologized. have any said to contrition or humility? it was. it's unbelievable that this guy coievable t understandin that he is a villain in all this. he think thiss he's than everybody.ev last point on the backeryb to earthodhe bac, they caught h0 year advisor saying we have a back door to anthony fauci with all this information. >> when asked about this guy in the back door, he goes, you work with him for 20 years. ou worhe yeah, i have no idea we means. what do you mean you have to he's your advisory goes well that's. you the title. inv >> they never advise me soe

12:30 am

he thinks he got over in anyon i any clear thinking person knows you had a back channel. we still know we have this i story. >> and i think i made your show better just now. no, i don't knowr show how the audience spoken. >> brad wants me on his panel tonight. h. >> t, it's a panel in his van. the halitosis. >> the halitosis is totally cleared up, i tell you. >> t welcome.t da up next, they don't want joe's tapes heard and their excuse jos someonoue needs to customizeere and save hundreds of liberty mutualan. >> wait, there's an elevator. only pay for what you need. everyday liberty, mad money. >> happy jay diamonds. lowest prices ever. the jewelry exchange has natural one carat gives just 1990. customer mounts are just for

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12:35 am

interview which revealed compn' ts diminished mental competence and was a reason for not recommending criminal reass in their effort to withhold the recording from the public. the doj or dodge contendsfall that the original audio files under executive privilegunder ee and releasing it could hinder future investigations. but this shouldn't hold upcourt in court as deepfakes can be made from any audio of biden's deepfak mad voice. then again, the law is only a thing when it involvesws after trump. a transcript of the conversation is already publicbo ,but house republicans believe that it may have been cleaned up fros alreadic butm what actu. which is a relief for biden's staff. they'd rather clea only n up whd said than what he diidd on the oval office rug. >> ssoo whil whilee the audienca the audio has been made public, turns out joe actually recorde w himself during the infamous her interview. we got her hands on it got o.

12:36 am

>> hi. come on. that's right. ask me any questions.the fbi . >> so the fbi knows my husband and i do. fbi. i guess i was professor the university of pennsylvania. and try, try, try, try, try, try, try. >> get out of my face. i was the only white lifeguard an all black school. >> get smart. i was president during congress. >> excuse me. vice covid broke- open theba orange man back. see the veins in your neck. i remember like a, yesterday.erl >> i was there. i remember it likeik the crack . of dawn. that is frightening, adam. yeah. do you see any validity to this argument at all? >> no. i mean, i see what they're b going with, because the last thr he.ger ise bette >> like his campaign manager is brittany spears dad. at

12:37 am

and nice. >> but, i mean, i mean, he saidp ,you know, donald trump is thr the biggest threat to america right behind stare s. but he keeps making stuff upke,o like he said that his one uncle was a cannibalt wa. coven his other uncle got a purple heart. that didn't happen. i'm waiting for his next his nex to be good at rice named ben. n. all right. that one wasn't as good. okayne wasn', i knew it. as i was saying, it wasn't about, you know, like, o you jumped off the cliff. >> and that's why you're a comedian? yeah pat, you're a legal scholar of the highest order. >> a lot of people know that. i know. i know. and congratulations on you don r i don't know why dean started clapping. yeah, i appreciate it. >> what do you make of the idea of recordings falling under executive? >> well, it's an under any circ*mstance is it would be very strange and i think unfair. i think more things should i thin m declassified. more things. we should be allowed to see

12:38 am

more things. ings be but with this in partic, i'e olso confused becaus considering the things of him that we do see. >> yesm e . >> ooh, yeah. what could he what could possibly be happening in these e tapes? >> because when we do see himpsc speak,au i'm not like there's a man. >> i'm confident, you know. yeah. confu wha is happening on thes. >> would it be great if he was> like, hunter jusift doing big honkin lines about, you know, got to be something crazy? brian, don't you wish they could edit "fox and friends" so you wouldn't look so idiotic? >> brian don you can. i don't on me, right? >> i'm doing it for you.'m this i'm this thing called likable. ' >> you know what that's like. i think i was votetd bothwere more trustworthy than you were by. by the hollywood reporter. >> right. i don't think so. i'm so. >> so let's listen. it's to show you if you are

12:39 am

convinced my lifg a hee was empi watching a hearing at 1:00 in the afternoon. now you're going to be sure of io ca ae t. ript i actually read the transcript and he sounds insane. e to jane in the transcript, robert hur is desperate to get it back on track becauset --. thank you very much, sir. but can you please the question, would you. and he just woule would rackedy my sense is that they cleaned up that transcript remarkably and they're going to worry about everything ever done. they cannot let this out. they cannot let out.and i think it is unbelievably >>rked up and it still reads like a guy that's lost his head. >> do you think he himself during. >> but that's something that i'm going that so to letptr david that wouldn't show up [l the transcript for sure s. well, as it goes, you know, if they go gain. >> as for whether he himself depends. >> oh, that was my first thought. and i didn't even write that one in advance. come on.

12:40 am

anything else or do you want to just sit back? >> i think i just exit this safely, and i do. >> it's toss to commercial. i do feel quite confident everything i've done here today. >> but he's like a combination of mr. magoo and mr. burns. i mean, the guy has dementia and should be in an old age home. he should be in shady pines and, nowhere near the white house. >> but it just. it put a what do you call put a thing on it, a bow. a bow on it. what? this is total lack of transparency. >> trump would never do this. of course he would show everything. and sometimes he has. all right. coming up, did you go too far? >> shoving a wnba star? >> let's get the rest of these plants. plants. organic soil fro good soil, am miracle-gro. has grown me the best garden i have ever had good soil and you get good results. this soil will blow you away. it's the martha stewart of soil

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john a $500,000 policy for only $29 a month. and wife and a $500,000 policy for only $21 a month. go to now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford. >> selectquote we shop you save this saturday. it's super saturday on fox. here we go. got to love. it all starts, of course of hard work that both brian london and the phillies clash with the mets. this in the belmont stakes for the first time ever. is live from toronto. and new york city lights up with an epic rivalry as the dodgers battle the yankees. the biggest day of the season is super saturday on fox right? these tv geniuses made summer's biggest and wettest. the plan went for fox tuesday to families. flash hair is staying this way for a chance.

12:44 am

a ton of cash. what words were originally acronyms. >> so what about new what if a new place your bets on who will get whacked from these the , the all new tuesday on fox with over 75 million monthly to viewers more people watch to see them visit old faithful every year, which means tv is more popular than boiling hot water all over the place several times a day, more popular than being called old. even though you're geologically young, more popular and selling novelty gifts, despite the fact that you're just a hole that sprays water tubing. it's more popular than old faithful. ing >> it's coming your way. hey, hey, hey, hey. chill make the league greaterth

12:45 am

if she survives. assaults from the hatersleag our video of the day comes to us from something called the wnba. >> never heard of it. nee their biggest star, caitlin clark, was pushed to the floor by some no name player on saturday.d as as bad as it is, it's nott is the greatest crime of all, whic theh making us talk about ! wnba role. >> it's good. r no kennedy. carter now with 12 points off the bencw ints on h and big timt afterwards big by now that's>> e kennedy carter the player to pus h caitlin and she refused to answer postgame questions about it and even reportedly ex posts that suggested she should do it agai repn. >> wnba officials have been mostly silent, leading us to believng ue they're not watching the games either. >> kat the kat. >> i don't want to sayt something sexist. >> that's not true. i do. already

12:46 am

ha. are these just women acting al? women being all jealous - you made it by talking liker] that. i didn't even know what i was >> ig. a bi okay, so i'm not like, a big like a sports thing. >> girl yes. gal mm-hmm. but why did she knock her? >> she did not have the ball. no, she didn't have the ball was no so i thought that you're supposed to be more concerneougd about one who has the ball. >> yeah, the play was over. >>s that is a fair assessment? >> yes, you're absolutely right. i can work at espnly ri. - >> well, who cares? well, first you have to become more true. she does note di have the have the. s now this other one does have the ball. o win. >> the team's going to want[l to have the ball more to win. d- the one who has the right gets the most points will wine. >> they're going to want to win . stop. bryant you coach, does that help you when discussing sports? yeah, i would say this, greg,

12:47 am

as long as you've known me, i've lonou stood for what? what? as long as you've known me stood for what? to fight against pretty privilege. and that one where my, my. the new thing now that it's really turning america. yeah, pretty privileged. that's what they're saying because she's attractive. everybodtsayingy resents her bey she's so much fame. everyone resentson her. and there's no doubt about it. that is true. >>e? hat about race. they resent her because she's white. is that what you're really saying? i thin.nk that k that white this a role. as harold ford also says, you know, the blac- k lebron james said and charles barkleyga says, now this is aboutague being great coming in the league and not a owning your time. we do. michael jordan still doesn't talk to lebron. will chamberlainchamberl and wilcherbar ne and kareem abdul-jabbar never like shaq. they don't like the new person that comes in. and the good news is for the league, this is great for the league. what else is the wnba ever been on your show never in the five? never. this is fantastic. bathis is d news sells.that w >> what do you think, ruben?

12:48 am

gregg i'm sorry i missed at thoe top the dude that hit her. >> what what's his name again? this is pride month, ruben. i think there's a racialht component to it, but you know, what do i know? you're right. i'm forming an opinion on nothing. >> i know indiana needs an enforcer, and her boyfriend. abg you've got to get somebody to stand up on her team. almostet like hockey.elp >> well, nobody on her team helped even know where a basket is. -- -two points. >> that is right, ernie. the only the only basket t you need to worry about is the one you're filling at the expressway. 're eeck >> check outout.. >>am i right, guys? yeah i'm playing. i'm playing the stereotypical man in every show about women comedy. katt, you should just bash him,c right? >> yeah. i would say i wish that i could just shovekp atk into at work and i'm going to go, okay, unlike lik you guys, i actually love the wnba. i thine yok my daughter too.>> e

12:49 am

like we went to ten games last year. oh, well, i should come to you insteato youbud.t e but the thing is, they have a dj and they're like, they've been in the game. like, everyone stand until the sparks scored their first basket and we sit for two weeks. >> oh, yeah. but i actually do love it. although clarke very impressive. >> i landed way more threes in collegei le . bride happy pride. i'm going to say that after every problematic joke and that one is for pride month, right? up next, the navy seal sealss celebrate men in high heels. >> if you'll be in the new york area and like tickets to see go gutfeld, go to fox slash. fod click on the link to join our studio audienc e. it's as i was saying in the navy, that the toughest job navy, that the toughest job in the navy is theyou've and if you've madee the deployments and been

12:50 am

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12:52 am

12:53 am

or visit ww dot allied legal. >> that's 1-800- 8852323 five. no worries. navy seals show their dave. the naval special warfare command posted a pride graphicn in honor of pride month. as a gay manho or so you say,u sa you haven't proved it to me. >> is this just virtuee have, on you think they want to encourage a more diverse group of serviceg members? >> emphasis on members.

12:54 am

>> first off, greg, i'm onlyughr after 10 p.m. ]. what time is it, brian? 959 nine 59. >> it's just pandering drivel.ta these letters have nothing to do with each otheusr. >> the the ts are against the gs in the lsr tr. nobody likes the bs. the gs and the ls don't like each other that much. each oth they're. you know, it's like the whole thing is just. yeah jus. it's just a giant mess. it's. it's a bad origin. oit's in a different part.s >> oanr it's an angry alphabet. lyg? yeah. the only people who get along are the psthat and the bs, if you know what i mean. >> that's the wa youy they're saying. thank you. you had to begin. brian, is there anything in your life you can be prou thd of besides not being fired? >> i love the way that i just wo love the way the fact that you wrote this down at like 5 hourso

12:55 am

ago, you couldn't wait to say this. i would say thisd no, america ia over it. >> we don't care who's or we't over the rainbow. [ e are over you. ohch, oh, this is am happy right now. >> go ahead. do i get an assist? well, you should get thatt assist. >> i would just say, america, we're over it. we don't care what youth doing.i just. we just do believe when it- comes to sports. e whatboys should play with boy. >> and girls should play with girlswi. that we were talking about this before. it is very this stuff seems very low key, actually, these days. >> you're noticing seems a lot of companies pulling back on this. on thisymails like not as man every day. >> yeah, i got to be honest. i don't understand how we're doing a whol e about a graphic. a graphic, a pos at of a. >> g oh, it's a bigger message. it's a i will sarey in general, apart from this graphic. not to do this graphic just in general. >> go army. yeah. yeah. wow. g: ii didn't see that one coming

12:56 am

at him. yes. last word to you.. t ha >> make it a wonderful one. well, i think they didn't have a caption like it. they should've had a captionn ue under the post, you know, like we're behind you. >>e we know, or, like, if we pua out, you knougw, not afraid to get wet, you know? yo, good. clean, fun, as i say.l >> oh, that's it. you know, we have five more. you won't see us. don't go away. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. good job >> when you smell the amazing scent of game fleas, time stops and you realize you're in love. >> steve, with the laundry detergent. >> jane, please. seriously? >> good scent. we have a new home. what's this? we have a garage door

12:57 am

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